Denman Needs New Tutors
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Denman Needs New Tutors

Denman is looking for tutors in the following areas:


History – Recent media coverage has increased the wider public’s interest in history. Denman is looking for tutors who can put together informative programmes, with or without a trip to a historical site.


Stained Glass – This is a popular subject amongst adult learners. Programmes need to provide the beginner and the improver with basic skills and a finished piece to be completed within the course.


Walking and natural history, walking and literature and rambling – All of these areas are very popular with our customers. Our current tutor will be retiring soon. If you have a good knowledge of natural history and you are a keen walker we would like to talk to you.  Our literature courses are sometimes combined with walking, for example the works of Flora Thompson and exploring the 'Lark Rise to Candleford' walk or rambling in Jane Austen country or Walking with Miss Read.


The WI Cookery School is looking for new tutors in a range of culinary areas.


For all of these opportunities tutors need to demonstrate their understanding of the needs of adult learners and to have extensive experience in their field.


For further information regarding the WI Cookery School, please contact Peter p.lien@denman.org.uk or for other subject areas please contact Jane j.dixon@denman.org.uk.


We look forward to working with you!


POSTED: 03 December 2013. Author: Kate Bullas

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