Recipe: Fruit Loaf Alternative
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Recipe: Fruit Loaf Alternative

Why not try Tutor Alison Haigh's Sultana and Walnut Brown Loaf recipe which is a delicious alternative to the traditional fruit loaf, but is sure to make your after tea treat just that little bit more exciting…



350g wholemeal flour
150g strong white flour
1 teasp salt
14g dried yeast
60g softened butter
300ml water
100g sultanas
150g walnuts broken into pieces



Place the flour, salt, yeast and butter in a bowl and gradually add the water
Place on a lightly oiled surface and knead for 5-10mins
Rise for approx. 2 hours
Knock back and incorporate the sultanas and walnuts
Shape into a ball and make horizontal cuts around the ball
Dust with flour and leave to rise for 1 hour
Bake in pre heated oven 230c for 30mins


For more information about Alison and her upcoming courses at Denman, click here: http://www.denman.org.uk/courses/results?q=Alison+Haigh

POSTED: 19 April 2016. Author: Katie Bell

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