Volunteering at Denman

Volunteers are a great asset to Denman and we could not run without the support of our volunteer team. All volunteers are paid expenses for travel to and from Denman, and while you’re with us we’ll provide room and board if necessary.

Depending on how far away you live from Denman will depend on which position you should apply for. While Ambassadors and Hosts live as far away as Jersey or Northumberland, Guides will usually live in one of the counties surrounding Oxfordshire.

Voluntary positions available at Denman include Denman Host, Denman Guide and Gardeners. However, if you think you have a skill that we could use we would be delighted to hear from you. Please note, if you apply for the role of a volunteer at Denman you will be asked to sign an NFWI equality agreement and a Denman confidentiality agreement. We cannot accept volunteers without these agreements.

Denman Host
What does it entail?
Denman hosts are a vital part of everyday life at Denman. Usually working a three or four day long weekend or a five day ‘week’ with us, they take part in welcoming guests, help with light administrative work and most importantly, facilitate any needs or requests that guests have. Hosts are organised in an annual rota depending on availability. Please be aware that some years you may not be asked to host due to availability clashes.

Do I need any experience?
Time working with WI members is always a plus and a love of Denman is mandatory! Customer service experience is desirable. Your first shift will always be shadowing an experienced host before you take on the role by yourself and we’ll provide all other training.

Denman Guide
What does it entail?
Denman guides are responsible for looking after Standard Day Visits, Demonstration Days and Afternoon Teas from the time the guests arrive and until their departure. They will meet and greet guests, conduct tours around the house, teaching centre and grounds, answer any questions and ensure that a good time is had by all.

Guides will usually live in the counties surrounding Oxfordshire and will attend Denman for one day only. Day visits can take place on any day of the week and we like a ratio of 25 visitors per one guide. Some days can be very busy indeed! Guides are organised according to an annual rota depending on availability and may be asked to guide at short notice on occasion.

Do I need any experience?
Guiding and customer service experience are desirable but not mandatory and full training will be offered. Trainee guides will always shadow experienced guides for at least two visits before they take on a full role as a guide. Two meetings a year are held to ensure good communication between Denman and the Guides.

Volunteering at Denman

Voluntary positions available at Denman include Denman Hosts and Denman Guides.

Email Tracy Strain, Volunteer Manager – t.strain@denman.org.uk for more information or give us a call on 01865 391 991 ext 225.

My Denman

"I recently was one of seven women taking the Mid Week Baking course with Linda Hewett. It was a great few days, lots of laughter and lots and lots of baking! I came home with a boot load of goodies to share with family and friends. Every time I visit Denman I enjoy the experience, so I say to anyone who has been thinking about taking a course - do it!"

Carolyn Barrett

Worcester, UK