The WI is the largest women’s organisation in the UK with over 220,000 members. It is an educational charity, formed in 1915, which is committed to widening participation and empowering women and through them their families and communities, to reach their full potential to improve their quality of life.

The WI is a democratic, voluntary organisation which is open to all women.

The WI plays a unique role in providing women with a wide range of learning opportunities and the chance to build new skills.

The NFWI promote, organise and deliver these learning opportunities in venues across the country and at their own adult residential college, Denman in Oxfordshire. Most of the NFWI courses are held in rural locations where access to traditional learning opportunities is limited. Many of the students who attend NFWI and Denman courses have not participated in learning since they left school and very often they have not had positive learning experiences in the past. The NFWI and Denman courses are therefore designed to build confidence and to enable students to progress to accredited courses, employment and volunteering.

The NFWI and Denman courses are open to all, not just to WI members. They aim to promote active citizenship and community involvement as well as personal development.

My Denman

"Many people think you have to be a member of the WI to come here, but you actually don't... It's a place you can relax, socialise, be extremely well fed, feel welcome if you come on your own, and most importantly, learn a new skill or feed an interest. I've been here three times and I love it (and just booked for my next visit)"

Nicola Appleton

Leicester, UK