A new mum reviews Green People’s baby products – and loves them!

A new mum reviews Green People’s baby products – and loves them!

Before I was mummy to baby Artemis I stocked the Denman shop. Part of this fun job was buying in products from our sponsor Green People. You will know Green People by the fantastic shampoo, conditioner and shower gel sachets you find in your bedrooms at Denman. As their products were so good on my hair (I found curly hair mecca in their quinoa shampoo and conditioner), I ordered some of their baby products to try out on Artemis.

As a new mum I’m finding anything that keeps my daughter happy, dry and not screaming her head off, ok by me! That gorgeous new born skin comes with its own coating of waxy vernix which protects for a few days and after it’s gone your baby is suddenly beset by all sorts of skin conditions ranging from the humble nappy rash to crusty cradle cap and the ever delightful baby acne which appeared right in time for my mother’s 70th birthday party when we had planned to show her off to all our relatives!

What you put on their skin is therefore pretty important in case you somehow manage to make it worse. Less is more in many cases and the more organic and gentle the better.

100% organic, paraben free and certified gentle on very new skin, Green People’s organics baby range is calming and works beautifully on Artemis’ brand new skin.

My absolute favourite product has been the calming nappy cream. It goes on smoothly, it doesn’t leave a weird coating in her (adorable and plentiful) fat folds and we have had no nappy rash at all. As soon as her bottom shows the faintest sign of red, a little bit of the cream clears it right up. No wonder it won gold at the Made for Mums awards in 2017!

We also love the scent free shampoo – it’s gentle and effective on her new born hair and while I love a scented shampoo, we’re steering clear of them until she’s a little older which makes this product perfect. However, I do have my eye on the silent night gift set endorsed by the Lullaby Trust for when we start bed time baths….

The third product I love is the Organic Mum and Baby Rescue balm. Oily but not overwhelmingly so, it’s perfect for any random dry patches I find and has been super for giving her a baby massage after a warm bath. It’s also been good when I get the odd dry patch too.

Your baby is the most precious thing in the world. Like all parents, you want the very best for them. There are enough chemicals in the world already – by using natural and organic products from a responsible and sustainable company I feel not only am I doing the best for her and her skin but I’m also supporting a British company who genuinely care about their impact on the planet. What better for an employee of the WI?!

Baby Organics products are available on the Green People website.

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