Floral Tutorial: Elegant Roses with Anna Stevens

Floral Tutorial: Elegant Roses with Anna Stevens

In anticipation of our Cocktails & Flowers event at Denman, we’ve teamed up with tutor Anna Stevens to show you how to create simple, elegant and effective arrangements with easily found materials. Each has been exclusively designed for you to add a bespoke touch to any occasion, whether this be drinks with friends or a dinner party…


  • Red Roses
  • Fountain Grass
  • Crystal Pins
  • Garden Foam
  • Square Planter
  • Black Midelino Sticks
  • Fatsia Japonica Leaves
  • Decorative Feathers
  • Scissors
  • Pliers
  • Wire or Twine


  • Step 1: Pin down Fatsia Japonica leaves (these belong to the ivy family) to cover the garden foam surface of your square planter.

  • Step 2: Stand four roses upright in the foam (ensuring that any leaves have been cut) – place one rose to each corner of the planter.

  • Step 3: Cut off four stem ends from extra roses to approximately 20 cm each.

  • Step 4: Cross the stems over as shown above and secure with wire or twine at each corner to create a square grid. In this instance, wire will be more secure!

  • Step 5: To fix the grid to the rose stems, use wire to tie a corner around each rose head…

  • Step 6: At this stage, once the grid has been fixed to the roses, you’ll want to ensure that the stems are able to stand up straight unassisted.

  • Step 6: Loop arches of black midelino sticks to stick through the fatsia japonica leaves and into the garden foam. Double slightly overlapping arches will look especially effective!

  • Step 7: Stick two rose heads down in the center of the arrangement.

  • Step 8: We’ve added decorative feathers and shapes cut from mesh to the base…

  • Finally: Stud the center of each rose at the base with a crystal pin and artfully add fountain grass for a spectacular final flourish!

Et voila!

We very much hope that you’ve enjoyed this tutorial and would love to see your interpretations of the design! If you do give it a go, please feel free to send any photos in to marketing@denman.org.uk – it’s always a pleasure to share your creations on our social media! You can also use #MadeAtDenman to tag your photos on twitter and instagram.

Should you so desire, explore our courses for flower arranging here at the beautiful setting of Denman.

More information about our special evening of flowers and cocktails on Tuesday 27th November 2018, click here.

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