Golden Rules for Social Media

Golden Rules for Social Media

Are you looking to improve your digital skills? Do you look after accounts for your WI, your workplace or a local business? Have a read of some of our golden rules here!

Don’t Forget…

Be authentic and unique! We are not robots so remember to produce content that you would personally find interesting! Don’t just repeat facts; give your online audience something to really sink their teeth into. Every time you draft a post, ask yourself “Would I want to read this? Do I find this interesting?”

Create a cliffhanger with your content. Why not leave your audience in suspense!


  • Use symbols and emoticons where you can
  • Don’t just follow everyone who follows you, use common sense to follow those who post relevant content
  • Try to stick to using 100 – 120 characters
  • Include photos in every Tweet
  • Include links to your website in every Tweet if relevant
  • Talk with people, not at them!
  • ALWAYS double check spelling!
  • Try to inspire your audience
  • Use hashtags, but no more than 3 per tweet
  • Like all retweets (RTs)
  • If someone authoritative RTs one of your posts, thank them!
  • Engagement is more important than follower numbers
  • Use the “pin” feature to highlight specific tweets



  • Use emoticons where you can
  • Ask questions!
  • Friday is the best day for content
  • You should be aiming to receive 120+ interactions per post
  • Use a photo or video with every post
  • Due to the weird algorithms of Facebook, upload images instead of using the image that automatically appears with the link (if possible)
  • Post no more than twice a day
  • Use the “pin” feature to highlight specific posts
  • If users are commenting on images, get involved in the conversations. Thank them for commenting, ask them questions, engage with them



  • Take photos when you can and save them to post at another time if you’re rushing around at an event
  • Adjust the photo brightness first before choosing a filter – but don’t over filter!
  • If the lighting can’t be fixed, just use black and white!
  • Make sure the images are really sharp, no blurriness accepted!
  • Golden rule: document life, show off quirky moments, tell a vibrant story!
  • Be consistent in what and how you’re posting
  • If users are commenting on images, get involved in the conversations. Thank them for commenting, ask them questions, engage with them


Negativity and trolls… 

There will always be a negative Nancy somewhere online making everyone’s lives a misery. But there are some easy to remember rules of how to deal with them! If someone posts something inflammatory, always ask yourself first… IS THIS TRUE? If it isn’t, then take the steps to remove the post and block the person if you see fit. If it is true, or an opinion, you must be able to present your side of the story. People are allowed to complain if they’ve had a bad experience! In these situations it’s important to remember that when you are responding, you do so in a calm manner and tone, mind your language, plan how you’ll address the situation and prepare yourself for their comeback.

Always think before you respond. Research who the person is, do they have a habit of leaving negative comments elsewhere? Have they been complaining about you on other pages and accounts? Why not ask your colleagues or friends to help as well – it could be that you’ve misunderstood the comment or misconstrued the feedback.

The most important thing is to NEVER LIE to get yourself out of a situation. Own the issue or problem and try your best to solve it. Even if you can’t fix it straight away, leave a message and say you’ll get back to them.


Helpful Links

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