Missing Book

Missing Book

Our tutors Trish Zachariah and Paula Bray have lost a precious book, can you help?

Please see this message from Trish and Paula:

“This is a desperate plea to anyone who can help me find/locate one of my precious handmade calico “Nature themed” books. I loaned it to Denman in the summer of 2018 for displaying in the teaching centre to promote our upcoming courses. But it disappeared from September 2018 onwards and despite the college staff searching high and low, it cannot be found. This book involved many months of work and is deeply sentimental to me. It is also a crucial teaching aid for my courses. Needless to say, I am extremely upset and desperate to be reunited with it again. If you an offer any information/help in this regard then please contact Denman on my behalf. With heartfelt thanks and living in hope, Trish Zachariah. Below is the front cover. It measures 6 x 4 inches.”

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