Tearing Up the Lists…

Tearing Up the Lists…

Do you have lists? Do you write your lists down, on scattered pieces of paper, or, are you more organised and detail them on a roll of wallpaper? Do you have a notebook or, are you more technologically minded, favouring your phone, tablet or laptop?

I have had lists since I was a child. We were give homework diaries at school, with strict dictation on what to do every night. Maybe this behaviour was instilled at an early age.

I remember letter writing lists to my friends every holiday (when stamps were much cheaper). I had lists of things to do, of thoughts and of ideas. I even had lists on the back of old blotting paper.

These thoughts cross my mind, at the beginning of the New Year, as I observe at torn piece of paper, with my resolutions on. I even wrote them down in December, as I wanted to start 2018 fulfilling some long time ambitions. Now, let’s get this straight; we are not talking about climbing Mount Everest or rowing the Atlantic … I just want to throw away all manners of junk!

Last year, my friend told me, as she opened up her clean, spacious diary, a very perspicacious thought. ‘If there’s too much handwriting, on any given day, I’m obviously stressed.’ I took note and started to use a pencil in my British Heart Foundation diary, rubbing out the agenda, daily. By the end of the week, I had a rather clean page.

I’ve decided with no reluctance, whatsoever, to forego my lists. I got to the stage where PANIC set in, if I hadn’t done X, Y or Z by a certain time. This was absurd. Am I high flying politician, aiming to resolve an economic crisis? No. Am I responsible for solving third world debt? No. Do I have a Twitter account, with billions of followers, waiting to hear what I had for breakfast? Definitely NOT. Thus, does it really matter if the washing isn’t on by 9am?

I am in a rather rebellious phase, dismissing Plan A, resorting to Plan C, if at all possible. If this is the case in your world, why write down the daily itinerary? Far better to obtain a glorious ink pen and scribe the following, ‘Have a wonderful latte in my favourite coffee shop’.

You might notice a type of ‘freedom,’ when your days are not filled with the TO DO. We are always doing … doing something. I’ve decided that ‘busyness’ is not my reason to be. Emboldened by a cold shower, observing the rather melancholic fog dissipate in the morning air, even waiting for the microwave to ping is far more important than crossing (or rubbing) another item off the list (which, let’s face it, could last for eternity).

We live in a hugely energized world, where there’s always an electric current buzzing along the waves.  Have you ever closed your eyes and let yourself be still? Can you give yourself permission to stop and listen? Close your eyes and listen to your breath. Inhale and exhale deeply for one minute. What’s it like to be a Human Being versus a Human Doing, I wonder?

Now, please don’t get me wrong. There are many merits of having a list, which may work for you. But, after having endured 30 years of having one, my New Year’s resolution is most definitely, with no unequivocal doubt, is to tear up any semblance of a list … apart from that one torn piece of paper.

Tutor Profile

Rachel Morgan has been teaching for the past 20 years. She began by teaching small children creative dance, which formed the basis for her imaginative vocabulary, as well as her sense of fun and laughter. After graduating with a Masters in Dance Education in the USA, she taught in various states before returning to her homeland.

In 2010, she became a certified Flexercise teacher (formerly known as the Women’s League of Health and Beauty) teacher (www.fl-exercise.com). Since then, her posture has developed greatly; her father comments that she has got taller. Her love of teaching is evident in all her Fitness League classes, based in Kent.

She loves the WI! She gives talks, demonstrations and workshops to all WIs, anywhere in the UK and her name can be found in THE black book. Denman is one of her favourite places to be … and felt quite at home, within the first few minutes of arriving. She gets withdrawal symptoms upon leaving.

Most recently, she has become a professional life coach, who has started ‘You Matter’ life coaching company. Living life to the fullest, in the most joyful, positive and healthy way is her aspiration for everyone.

Rachel is joining forces with Chrissie Hall to bring you an extra special course ‘Personal Development: Start a New Chapter’; find more about this exciting course here.

If you’re interested in joining Rachel for one of her other courses here at Denman, click here to browse what is on offer.


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