Wellbeing At Denman

Wellbeing At Denman

With the WI celebrating Healthy Living and Wellbeing week (11-15 June 2018), I wondered whether Wellbeing is a new buzz word embracing sumptuous spas, visits to beauty therapists and idyllic holiday resorts?  OR, is there a more personal meaning attached to those two rather short words?

For my bank balance, I sincerely hope that it’s the latter.

Wellbeing isn’t another activity to fit into your already hectic day. Nor, is it the magical elixir to living life fully and healthily. But, it is an important concept to consider. It’s a way to check within oneself, to ensure that you are living the best possible way for YOU. It doesn’t mean that your CV or life experience sits neatly next to your friend’s. It simply means that you are living, physically, emotionally and mentally ‘in balance,’ in ways that fulfil you.

Now, that may be sitting in the pub, drinking a pint, whilst watching the football. Or, it might mean walking around the park in high winds and torrential rain. It might mean dancing to the ’80s in your bedroom, with a ‘DO NOT DISTURB’ sign on the door. What is important is that your Wellbeing thoughts, feelings and activities come from you … with no added pressure to conform to society’s expectations.

There are, as we all know, many ways to develop Wellbeing. Sometimes, it just takes a little nudge and encouragement to develop the skills and techniques, which develop deep physical relaxation or shift mental and emotional attitudes towards life, which enable you to live more fully.

Denman is now holding a brand new course: Health & Wellbeing: Positive Thinking and Gentle Movement. (May 7/8 & September 26/7, 2019). It’s a very relaxing & safe environment to explore ways to create Wellbeing into your life, with no added fuss or fancy frills.

Rachel guides you easily through a unique experience, tailored to your needs including  movement, visualization, breathing, meditation, self-massage, nutrition, life coaching … all thrown in with lots of discussion time too.

As a previous student said, ‘I would like to feel calm and rested and ready for the next task instead of being rushed and breathless and always somewhat regretting a commitment to do something. I would like the time to appreciate and enjoy the things I do and value the experience. The course gave me ‘permission’ to do this and methods to achieve it.’

Another student wrote, ‘Thank you very much for a most enjoyable and worthwhile course-it offered far more than I had anticipated. Speaking, listening and exercising as part of a small non judgmental group enabled a deep sense of relaxation. I took away a ‘refreshment’ of spirit  and something of particularly importance to me -the ability to think through my priorities in a non anxious way.’

Whatever you think about Wellbeing, or, however you embrace it, promise me one thing? Treat yourself kindly. We live in world, full of weird and wonderful adventures. But, with that, we often have to take stock, pause and breath … and dare to reach out and smell the roses.

For further information, please email Rachel: gorids@hotmail.com

You can book Denman’s Health & Wellbeing: Postive Thinking and Gentle Movement with Rachel Morgan here

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