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Once you’ve decided to dip your toe into the wonderful world of teaching creative skills, it’s time to think about when and where you might hold your classes. Firstly, let’s think about ‘When’.

The working – or learning – week divides neatly into three parts; daytime, evening and weekends. When and how often you teach is entirely your choice. Your current lifestyle will probably determine the best times for you. You might only be available one weekend a month or you could decide every Wednesday evening would suit you fine. Before you decide, it’s worth considering the times that might best suit your customer.

I find each part of the week tends to attract different people. It may sound obvious but those in full-time employment tend to prefer weekend workshops whilst retirees or parents of school-age children will love a weekday class. I fit my own classes around my day job and family events. I’ve taught days, weekends and evenings but I consistently find that Saturday and Sunday are the most popular. However, do remember that sharing your creative skills should be fun so you must choose the times that work for you.

So, on to ‘Where’. In my ‘Teach Your Craft’ workshop, we spend a long time discussing all the options. Holding classes at home is often the obvious choice. If you have enough space – and depending on your craft – teaching at home can be very convenient. No travel, everything to hand and a welcoming atmosphere for your students. More importantly, it can help keep your costs down which is important when you’re starting out.

However, please remember that even though it may not feel like it right now, if you’re planning on advertising and charging for your classes, you are running a business from home. Which means there are some rules you need to comply with. Be sure to inform all the relevant organisations of your plans before your first students arrive.

If teaching at home isn’t for you, the good news is, there is now more choice than ever for finding a suitable venue. I’ve taught in village halls, art galleries, craft shops, pubs and libraries as well as at Denman (my personal favourite) and WI’s all around the country. Look around and see what’s happening near you. If your local coffee shop or library already run classes, pop in and introduce yourself. If they don’t, call in anyway and ask if they might be interested.

I’m Melanie Blaikie, my own passion is sharing creative skills. If you’d like to know more, why not join my next Teach Your Craft class at Denman. Or look out for my next blog when I’ll be talking about how to find students and promote your classes.


Written by Melanie Blaikie, March 2019.

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