Creative Writing: Writing Humour : Tony Kirwood

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Tutor: Tony Kirwood

Whether you want to add colour to your writing or just to make people laugh, there is no better way of holding your readers than humour. In this course, which is suitable for both beginners and more experienced writers, you will discover how you can “write funny”. Witty prose, comic characters and amusing ideas will make your fiction, articles or life writing more readable and saleable, and are more within your range than you may think.

This course is suitable for writers at all levels of experience and of both fiction and non-fiction. You will look at the different humour genres, learn some essential techniques and find your comic voice.

Over two days you will find your humorous point of view and look for ideas and stories from everyday life. You will practise the great comic staples of exaggeration and incongruity, create your own comic characters and pick up some valuable tips on using witty and vivid language. By the end of the course you will have written a short humorous piece of prose.

There will be hand outs, discussions, practical exercises and we will study classic examples of humour.

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