Creative Writing: Have the Last Word (Write Your Own Eulogy)

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Tutor: Chrissie Hall

You’ve made a will, you’ve decided on a final resting place, you’ve perhaps even pre-payed your funeral - but what about your Eulogy?  Are you going to leave your family and friends trying to remember things about you to tell a minister or celebrant, or struggling to decide what to say in their own whistle-stop summary of your life?  There’s a better way.  You’re the one who’s been there, done that and got the tee-shirt.  You know more than anyone else about your life, your loves, your achievements, your philosophy and your hopes for those you leave behind. You can save them from having to do a difficult job at a difficult time by joining us for this brand new course, and writing your own Eulogy at beautiful Denman with a small group of ‘last worders’.  It certainly doesn’t have to be morbid, it can be quite the opposite - your last words can comfort, inspire, inform and entertain.   

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