Special Event: Dead in the Water, a True Life Account in Catching a Killer

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Oxfordshire freelance journalist and mother of three, Penny Farmer, is a woman like any other that you might meet on the street, at the school gates, at the supermarket check-out, indeed your next-door neighbour. She is also the sister of a murdered junior doctor and has spent almost 40 years trying to find his killer. Penny will be joining us at Denman this March to present an extraordinary talk and Q&A based around her book Dead in the Water.

 The discovery of the bodies of Penny’s 25 year old junior doctor brother and his girlfriend found tortured and murdered off the coast of Central America in 1978, led to the family’s heart-breaking 38 year quest to discover what had happened and who was responsible for this most heinous of crimes. Despite the best efforts of Chris’s parents who went to unbelievable lengths to discover the truth, the case quickly went cold. The family were haunted for almost four decades as to why their beloved son and brother should meet such a gruesome and tragic end just seven months after setting off on a holiday of a lifetime travelling the globe.

 It was on a dog walk with her then 91-year old mother that the thought came to Penny that she should search for her brother’s suspected killer on the internet. It was this research that led to the re-opening of the 38 year old international murder case and the eventual arrest of her brother’s serial killer at the age of 75 in Sacramento after 50 years on the run.

 Outline of the Event:

2pm- arrival

2.30pm - 4pm- Talk and Q&A

4pm- Denman Premium Afternoon Tea

 There will also be the opportunity to purchase a copy of Penny’s book during the event.


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