Special Event: Basic Skills to Survive the Outdoors

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Join Bushcraft at Denman to learn the fundamental skills to survive the outdoors! During this one day event, you will grow in confidence and develop your knowledge of the four main principles: fire, food, shelter and water. You will learn how to build an emergency shelter using only natural materials found at the Bushcraft Centre, collect and purify contaminated water, and prepare your own meals using items foraged, among many other skills! This is a unique opportunity for those new to the outdoors, or those with a little experience – either way, you’ll go home knowing that you can stay safe, and keep your loved ones safe, in the outdoors!

Outline of the event:

17th June- 09.30am- arrival at Denman

9.30-10.30- Refreshments and welcome meeting

10.30- Depart Denman for the Bushcraft Centre

18th June- 09.30am -arrive back at Denman

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