Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is included in my course price?

  • Can I book bed and breakfast before or after my course?

  • Is there parking available onsite?

  • How do I book the free shuttle service?

  • What times are the free shuttle services?

  • When should I book my travel to Denman?

  • Do you offer a car share service?

  • Can I book an extra lunch or dinner for another person during my stay?

  • How do I join your mailing list?

  • Can I order a box of brochures for my Federation?

  • How do I ask a tutor for more information about a course?

  • When should I buy materials for my course (if applicable)?

  • I have a carer coming with me – how does their accommodation work?

  • What time can I arrive to check in?

  • How do I let you know about special room or dietary requirements for my stay?

  • Can my friend and I be in the same cottage during our stay?

  • Can I choose my bedroom?

  • What is a Friend of Denman?

  • Can I book a non-residential place for my course?

  • My WI would like to organise a day visit – who do I speak to?

  • I’d like more information about a Federation visit to Denman

  • What is a Denman Day?

  • How do I book on to an event?

  • I need to cancel my course – will I get my deposit back?

  • My friend has to cancel her course and I am coming with her – will I be able to transfer?

  • Will I have to share a room?

  • Do I need to dress for dinner?

  • Denman has cancelled my course – what happens now?

  • The original tutor for my course has been changed for another one – can I cancel or transfer my course?

  • Can I bring my dog to Denman?

  • I have a press enquiry, who should I contact?

  • What is the Saving Denman Appeal?

  • Do you issue Denman vouchers?

  • How can I pay for Denman vouchers?

  • Can I buy Denman vouchers online?

  • Are my courses and events insured?

  • What's Denman doing to cut plastic usage?

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