Access Anytime Skill Share : How To Repair & Look After Your Sewing Machine – In Association with The Restart Project

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NFWI are proud to partner with ‘The Restart Project’ to offer access to view this recording of their skill share session on how to repair and look after your sewing machine, featuring speaker Jennie Caminada. 

Jennie has been fixing sewing machines for over a decade and has seen it all! From broken needles and poor speed control to adjusting bobbin tension and oiling, Jennie covers the most common problems you’re likely to come across when working with a sewing machine and will share tips for keeping it running smoothly.


This is an access anytime resource provided free of charge in association with The Restart Project. Once your booking has completed, you will receive a confirmation email with a PDF document attached including a link to view this session which you can watch in your own time, plus a link to the Restart Project’s online guide. 

(If you do not receive a confirmation email please check your spam/junk email boxes or sign into the ‘Your Account’ section of the Denman website to retrieve all of your booking and course information)