On Demand Awareness : Liz’s Talk on Autism & ADHD

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Liz Morris is a parent and carer of two autistic adults. Over the years Liz has worked with various charities, the NHS, Social Services and in schools to educate staff to be more aware of the challenges faced by those with an ADHD/ADD/ASD diagnosis.

The WI resolution of 2022 “Women and girls with ASD and ADHD – under identified, under diagnosed, misdiagnosed, and under supported“ really struck a chord with Liz. She knows well the challenges faced by women when they seek investigations and diagnosis. Liz realised very early on that boys were nearly always diagnosed prior to age seven, whereas girls (unless very severely autistic) had to wait until their teens, and normally after the parents or guardians have pushed and pushed for years.

Liz’s talk will look at the reasons this happens and the positive outcomes of receiving a diagnosis, and why the term ‘neurodivergence’ is increasingly being discussed in documentaries and the news.

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