On Demand Craft : Card Making with Liz – Iris Folding

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Did you know that patterned envelopes are responsible for the craft of Iris Folding? The craft began in Holland about three hundred years ago. Envelopes in Holland (and other European countries) added patterns to the paper they were created from, allegedly to make them more secure. These patterned envelopes were far too good to waste, so those of a crafty persuasion cut up the patterned envelopes into strips, and folded these along their length, laying one on top of the next, and this way created more complex patterns. These were then framed. By placing the strips around a centre, an illusion of the Iris dilating in an eye, gave the craft its name.

Iris folding is a relatively simple paper-folding technique that creates beautiful, complex patterns for cards. But, sadly envelopes are no longer so decoratively patterned however you can find an array of beautiful papers to use instead. This class will take you through the basic techniques to create three cards, each using a different pattern. Liz will explain how to create your own patterns, and cut apertures to suit. 


Materials required:

  • Coloured Papers for folding
  • Plain white card 
  • Washi tape – several different coloured rolls
  • Double sided tape/squares
  • Clear sticky tape
  • Ruler, pencil, eraser, scissors, craft knife, masking or low tack tape
  • Printed off patterns
  • Plain cards with and without apertures
  • Paper trimmer/guillotine for shapes (not essential if you have scissors)


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