Friends of Denman

Preserve the future of your college.

Whether you’re new to Denman or a long-term supporter, becoming a Friend of Denman gets you to closer to the college.

Not only will you have access to special events and this wonderful support network, but every penny goes towards securing the future of Denman.

For more information or to join, please call 01865 391 991 or email 

Sign up today for just £75* and receive these benefits:

  • a welcome pack and membership card
  • quarterly newsletters
  • 10% off all courses and events
  • residential room of choice, subject to availability
  • an exclusive gift not available anywhere else
  • VIP and front row seats at special events

*annual fee

Terms and Conditions

  • Your Friends of Denman membership is valid for one year. It will end on the last day of the relevant month. Your expiry date is noted in the letter overleaf.
  • Please write your name on the strip on the back of your Friends of Denman membership card. Your card and the associated benefits are non-transferable. They can only be used by the person who is associated with that particular membership number on the Denman computer system.
  • Denman will contact you in a year’s time to let you know that your annual membership is close to expiry and explain how to renew your membership.
  • It is the responsibility of all Friends to refer to their Friends of Denman discount and quote their membership number on booking. The discount cannot be claimed retrospectively once a booking has been made.
  • If you would like to claim your Friends of Denman discount on a course or event, you must call the Guest Services team on 01865 391 991. Discounted bookings cannot currently be made online.
  • The Friends of Denman discount cannot be claimed in conjunction with any other offer. For example, it cannot be used on courses that are included in the Winter Sale, because they are already discounted, or on Federation Visits, as the Federation has already received a 10% discount on these courses
  • The Friends of Denman discount can be used on all special events, which are not usually included in discount promotions. Such events include the New Year’s House Party, New Wave Weekends and day events like Food and Flowers. For a complete current list of special events, please contact Denman.
  • A non-refundable deposit is required for all bookings made with a Friends of Denman discount and Denman’s usual cancellation policy will apply to these bookings.

My Denman

"First time visit for my mum and me. I was expecting good teaching and good food - I wasn't disappointed. What I hadn't expected was the fellowship and community building nature of being at Denman. It was very powerful to be somewhere dedicated to women and full of handwork made collectively by groups of women over decades. I met some wonderful women over the weekend and came home feeling renewed and positive. I would love to come back with my mum one day."

Jenny Sanderson



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