Online Course : Craft-Along with Tilo - Make Your Own Mandalas (Saturday)

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Starts: Saturday, 24 April 2021 at 12:30PM
Ends: Saturday, 24 April 2021 at 2:30PM
Available spaces: 150

Tutor: Tilo Flache

Following your requests, here comes a repeat of our two hour extended, more relaxed session of our mandala-making class!

A mandala is a geometric configuration of symbols that can serve to facilitate a meditative state, and is used for that purpose in a variety of Eastern religions. These days, more than ever, we are often looking for ways to calm our minds, and doodling or colouring shapes are perfect options to achieve that goal.

The Sanskrit word mandala literally means "circle", so I experimented with a set of compasses to create ever more intricate circular patterns to colour. To my own surprise, I found that this simple process not only calms the mind, but it sparks an unexpected level of creativity and focus.

If you are a doodler, or you like to colour in drawings, this interactive talk is for you! All you need to actively participate is a set of compasses and a sharp pencil to get started, and then coloured pens or pencils to finish your work in your own time.

I know: you may not have a set of compasses, but worry not: you can actually achieve something very similar with a piece of cardboard and a decent pin – and you probably have those available.

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