Online Course : Explore Transparent Fabrics & Scraps with Stacey

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Starts: Saturday, 14 August 2021 at 1:00PM
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Tutor: Stacey Chapman

Would you like to turn those tiny fabric scraps that have been sitting in the cupboard, too pretty to throw away but have never used, as a source of inspiration for a textile project? This experimental session would be the perfect outlet to honour these offcuts.

Stacey will demonstrate her way of how to approach a plethora of transparent fabrics with these bits and bobs to create fabric patterns by working in a creative, intuitive way.

Whether you choose to sew along in real time by interpreting the demonstration to use your own offcuts in your own unique way or to watch the session as inspiration for a later date, you will be encouraged to let go of inhibitions, take chances, work quickly and to consider that the only real goal in mind of the course is to spark ideas or maybe merely for the pure joy of creation! The seeds of ideas produced could be progressed at a future date to be used as anything from fabric artwork, soft sculpture, a unique background for another craft project or something completely different!

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Materials To Sew Along

Heavy duty background fabric in white x 3 pieces minimum. Approximately 25 x 25cm ea. minimum.

An assortment of odds and ends such as fancy fabric scraps, embellishments, offcuts of lace, up cycled clothing, elaborate ribbons etc.

As wide a range of small offcuts of transparent, semi transparent and shiny fabrics as possible. Wide ranging in colour, finish and pattern is the key rather than large quantities of each item. Opaque fabrics can also be incorporated but the emphasis will be on transparent fabric for this session.

Hand sewing needle and thread (Thread colour could be colour coded to match your fabrics, neutral or transparent of any variety)

Sharp Pointed Embroidery scissors



Camera on your phone or otherwise, to snap quick collages as ideas

Large fabric scissors

Strong fabric glue such as Hi Tac Fast Tack Glue

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